Friday, March 1, 2019

How to Let Go

Have you ever had the feeling that you missed someone so much, you didn't want to get up from bed. When thoughts of someone meet you smile and cry. When you wanted to go back in time and spend more days with that special person. When someone broke your heart, but you still find it difficult let them go. Letting go is the final stage of grieving over someone, weather dead or alive. Letting go allows you to give up the pain that you have held for long. In some cases, it means accepting the truth that a person or the things that you have been so compassionate about is no longer there. It means confronting your unpleasant emotions about the past and becoming comfortable with them. If you find it difficult to let go, here are 10 tips to help you. How to let go:
  • How To Let Go 1: Deal with people, one day at a time. Because when things don't go according to you, you have got to learn to deal with everything – one person a time.
  • How To Let Go 2: Give space to your loved ones in relationships. Most relationships fail because we expect too much in return. When you lower your expectations and give space to others, they will love you more.
  • How To Let Go 3: Do not limit yourself. Some people like to keep the situations hanging. Their belief system that they can’t do anything or it is not right to interfere keeps them miserable. Challenge yourself. The only thing that limits you is your imagination.
  • How To Let Go 4: Do not worry too much. Whatever will be will be. Excessive thinking about something doesn't make it easy to let go.
  • How To Let Go 5: Accept people for what they are and not how you want them to be. Keep room for mistakes. We are human beings. The being part in us lifelong learner. Allow it to learn.
  • How To Let Go 6: Learn to forgive: unless you forgive yourself and the situation, you cannot move forward. Letting go is all about learning. Forget the hurt, but take a lesson from it. If you dream of flying high, you have got to learn how to leave the earth.
  • How To Let Go 7: Be strong: Some of us think that holding grudges makes us stronger, it gives us some kind of power. Whether it is guilt, anger, frustration, betrayal letting go is never easy. Never fight to hold on, fight to let it go.
  • How To Let Go 8: Give up unneeded stress: You have to understand that people come and people go. This is life. It becomes easy when you let go of the unwanted stress. Stop   holding  those  who have let you go a long time back.
  • How To Let Go 9: Value yourself: Sometimes  we  have spent time with someone for so long  that we do not even realise  that is stopped valuing us time back.  The person  who doesn't value you blocks you from the one who  might.  Let them go.
  • How To Let Go 10: Be Happy: When you  let go,  you put your trust in  God,  allowing Him to  heal your wounds  and something magical happen.  God works in mysterious ways,  give him room.                                                     


Anonymous said...

My husband left me after 12 years of marriage. No matter how much I try to forgive him & think that it is alright, I am still not able to do so. Hoping I;ll change one day.

Ferris Swayen said...

The spiritual silence that you gain after letting go of someone is great. I wish everyone in the world gets to experience that. Good pointers Nitima.