Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anger Management

“Do you know who I am?” Last night I heard someone shouting these words at a glossary store. The speaker was a tall man, who looked like someone from a affluent family, and he was shouting at a boy aged 14-15 years. This man was so full of ego that it overflowed in his every action. Someone interfered and sorted out the matter within two minutes.
Just after 10-15 minutes I saw the same man driving away his car rashly, as if wanted to show his anger to the world around, and the boy on the other hand was back to his cheerful jokes.

Time and again we come across people who are always ready to pick up an argument/fight, they only need a slight persuasion. These so called ‘hyper sensitive’ and ‘temperamental’ people can be seen at every corner– in the departmental store, on roads, within movie halls, at parties etc. They do not have a control on their feelings do have tendencies to burst out on others. Our reaction, when we see a incident like these, is often none. And chances are, that we will react in the same way under a similar situation - by loosing our self control and giving our ‘remote control’ of mood & feelings to others. We react and not act within circumstances. Now how much correct is that approach?

For more information on anger management, checking these sites will help:


AB said...

Stress is one big factor. I can see it in myself.

Christine Thresh said...

What in the world is a "glossary store"? Do you go there to look things up?