Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Intrinsic Motivation

Motivation is certainly a good topic to write an article on I think. If you know the way to intrinsic motivation, then you know the way to be successful. We all are different and therefore look out for different motivational solution to our need.

So, here is my suggestion of dealing with this issue:

Write, on a piece of paper, about yourself describing – what constitutes YOU? Like an introduction that you would give to a complete stranger. Now read it – Are you only talking about your work life because that is all in all about you, or do you have hobbies, interests, favourite pastimes, voluntary work that you can include? See yourself as being made up of components, like - your home life, relationships with your family, friends and even pets, your status in the community, local issues that you stand for and support, some volunteer work that you do for church or NGO, being in the local sports team, your passions in life, etc. Now I don’t profess to be lucky enough to have these many components in my life, BUT I have aims and ambitions to include them - either some or all, now or maybe later, and that helps drive and motivate me in the things I do and decisions I make. This should motivate you to be a much more complete person as you will gain diversified skills and experiences that will help and assist you in all your activities.

For every activity, there should be clear goals, and perhaps targets so that you know your status when you achieve them. If somehow you don’t make it in one, then you will still have other ‘components’ where you are achieving, thus a cause of remaining positive. If you ever find the more challenging one consistently challenging… don’t be afraid to change the component all together. A change of career can be refreshing and exhilarating and can do wonders for your motivation!

So, you see, motivation is a state of mind. Think positive and set your goals, and confidence to make positive changes should keep you on the right track and keep you happy!


goooooood girl said...

i like......

Dead Can Dance said...

Hello from Sweden i enjoyed reading your blogg as well i added it to my fav list.

Are you living in India or the United States? can you recommend some music from India. I know Sheila Chandra love her voice.

AlexB said...

I agree with your thoughts.
Whenever I am faced with a big decision I try to imagine myself on my deathbed, looking back and reviewing the decisions I made in my life.
It's amazing how trivial that can make some things seem.