Friday, October 24, 2008

Let’s celebrate the goodness around…..!!

We all are aware of chaos around due to recent financial breakdown. Countries are in acute state of depression. Old structures are getting disintegrated. It’s very easy for negative elements to float around and cause further distress. Feelings are like cold; they catch up on you effortlessly and leave you drenched with worries. There’s greed and me-first mentality on the Wall Street.

But let’s not stop observing the goodness around. There are many who are optimistic about this whole trend. Why? Because there are still many people who have knowledge and wisdom to carry on, people who have big hearts.

New business comes in only when the old crumbles. This is the time of ‘change revolution’; we are here to be a part of it, to implement new ideas and to see a better world tomorrow. Let’s not be depressed, let’s celebrate as in this turbulent times, there is still lot of goodness around. I want to be a part of this change, do you?


Richard Kendall said...

Hi, NS I agree. Positive energy breeds and promotes positive thoughts and results while negativity works in the opposite direction. A story only develops by turning the page, soaking in new details and moving forward. We learn nothing by going over and over the pages we have already read. Life is our story. Today is the page we are on. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is a part of the story we are not ready for. We can spend today worrying, angry in self-loath or pity or in envy of what others have. I prefer to accentuate the positive, to care about others and show it in deed, to know that even if today is cloudy, the blue sky and warm is is just behind the clouds. I prefer to smile, to laugh. If there is nothing to laugh at, I can always laugh to myself, about myself. Humility is a very peaceful state of mind. We have today to make the best of it. I intend to make the best of today no matter what happens on Wall Street or any other developmentin the World. All of that is out of my control so why worry about it. The economy is an ugly catapillar today that will one day turn into a beautiful butterfly. Thank you for inviting me to check out your blog, NS. I like it!

alessandra said...