Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Business Motivation

As manager sales, I work towards closing gaps with sales people through coaching. I always relate to my sales staff on a more equal, less informal level. The role responsibilities are still there, but I get in the trenches with them... so to speak. Here's a MANIC approach that I have developed to my sales staff , see if it's of any use to you...

Ask your sales person these questions and find out if they understand and answer these questions completely.

  1. M = Money - who holds the purse strings
  2. A = Authority - who can say Yes as well as No
  3. N = Need - why would someone want to buy our services
  4. I = Interest in buying from you - remember most companies need three quotes - 1 from the incumbent 2 a new supplier they are interested in 3 a price comparison - MAKE SURE you are not the price comparison
  5. C = Competition - if you are up against a company that sells cheap - you promote service and quality - if you are up against a company that quotes quality and service you promote value for money

If your sales staff understands these questions completely, they are ready to promote the product. As their manager, it’s your duty to motivate them, to remain inspired to perform their functions resourcefully.

Most of the times money isn't the issue, recognition is. I have come across some managers who tend to take the attitude that whatever their team do is "their success" while any failures are "the teams". It's a situation common across a number of companies. Employers need to be honest to gain trust. The key to do so is by treating the staff as intelligent human beings, giving them the freedom to be masters of their own destiny, within the realms of business requirements.

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James Thomas said...

Your passion for 'self improvement' is inspiring! I also find writing to be a great stress management technique... Sometimes I journal, sometimes I write web-pages, sometimes I update my blog...

Whatever works in the moment, right?

by the way, great MANIC acronym :)

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