Saturday, November 1, 2008

Let’s acknowledge our failures

We sometimes lose hope of success, when there comes a big obstacle that we fail to clear. All of us have failures of our own - at work, at home, in relationships, in life – the list is long. We wonder why this has happened, and start suffering from the dreaded disease of self pity by constantly thinking – Poor me.

Till some time back, I was also of the same kinds who could be ‘put off’ by failures quite easily. It took me time to understand my failures, actually. And Now I can see the bigger picture. I have been uncertain towards the better part of my life. Failure is the cost of greatness. Failure is an essential ingredient for a higher success. You can’t win without leaving your safety zone and taking some calculated risks. They don’t say it without any reason – no Risk, no Reward – and the more risks you are going to take in pursuit of your dreams; chances are that you are going to fail more often.

But that shouldn’t stop us from moving ahead – let’s learn to stretch today – life can be unpredictable, so make out the best of it – before it gets too late to even start.

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