Monday, November 3, 2008

Richard says -

I got a beautiful response from Richard ( and would like to share with you all....
Thanks Richard for your lovely thoughts.

There is a kid in me. He can no longer count all of his birthdays on one hand or all of his appendages combined but he still thrives. He is still curious, easily distracted, and sure to try and jump over a mud puddle rather than walk around it. Even when he lands in the middle, and walks home in muddy, wet shoes, he chalks it up to experience and vows to get a better running start the next time. His toys have evolved over the years: From plastic animals and helicopters, to guitars and weights to cars and boats. Now, a bike ride, a fishing pole, hand tools, lumber and wood, a guitar and a Frisbee tossed to his dogs are standard play toys. When he plays, stress takes a back seat to invigoration. Worry melts down to perspiration, leaves his body and evaporates. Stress? Worry? When he is engaged in play he forgets that he ever worried about money or job or a relationship. Stress that can pull at his body and mind are non-existent. The harder he plays, the more endorphins will play a part in forming a bridge to his next playtime, allowing him to keep an optimistic attitude and sense of humour until then. Thanks, Nitima, for reminding me how important it is to play!

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