Thursday, November 13, 2008

Food for thought!!

I work as a volunteer for a NGO. Today I met a very senior lady of this NGO who shared a beautiful thought to ponder on:

“If you can believe that there is benefit in everything that happens, your mind would be always peaceful.”

Rightly said, and we can relate it to our lives so easily. Why do we feel stressed? I think, we experience tension when we give our mind continuous dozes of negative thoughts. Whatever is going to happen will happen, so why think too much about it? Again – it’s the matter of how you want to mould your thinking process? Don’t forget, we have a choice at every moment and it’s our attitude – optimistic or pessimistic – that decides our path of destiny.


James Thomas said...

Great thoughts, Nitma!

-James T.

Destress Yourself said...

excellent thought.