Saturday, November 29, 2008

Overcoming Tragedy

What has happened at Mumbai has broken many hearts and given us wounds that may probably never heal. Some have lost their loved ones forever and many may have to live a life of injured now. Fear has made way for rage which is ruling high among all. Mumbai is the place of bravest of the brave and the city will rise again. The spirit of optimism can never be killed and this is the time to turn wounds into wisdom. Our country has stumbled but this incident would become stepping stone for the future. Choice is ours – do we want to mourn endlessly or do we want to stand tall again and make our world a decent place to live. Let’s not miss an opportunity to inspire others and spread peace amongst this tragedy. It is the only way to mend broken hearts and let’s all be a part of it.


Pappu said...

Good Writing. You are able to express the feelings well. Our India is the best!

Judy Rey Wasserman said...

There is a time for mourning and a time for moving on. The news of the recent events in India is still raw for many people. Aside from the grief for those lost, it reminds us that we are at war and vulnerable.

As an inspirational artist (the founder of Post Conceptual UnGraven Image) and now author (new e book, The Art of Seeing The Divine, Book 1 - What Do You see?) my work and mission supports your call for a new vision that we can share.

We can find a common ground that will inspire us and be life changing. We can learn to see the world in a new, uplifting way whatever is happening around us.

Judy Rey Wasserman

Renato Ribeiro said...

In this moment of pain for the people of India, my sympathy to all in Mumbai, peace reign in the hearts, acts of terrorism must be fought with acts of love.
Excuse my English, I am Brazilian and domino just the language, peace be with you.
Renato Ribeiro

Nitima Sood said...

Hello Judy & Renato,

Thanks for leaving your comments . The solidarity shown by international community during this tragic time is remarkable. Almost every big country is facing nuisance from terrorists. Let's all hope to find a solution to this problem.

And dear Pappu, our country is definitely the best.

Thanks much

Youth's Prospective said...

Hi Nitima,

Perhaps mourning is a part of emotions spilling over. We cannot endlessly mourn but we have to remember that we can neither relax like we did earlier. This attack is most ruthless and brutal overtaking the toll in attack of 1993 bomb blast. I appreciate your way of motivating through blog but hope message goes in a way to energize them rather than immunize them to terrorism.

Youth's Prospective said...

We perhaps would not prefer to mourn endlessly but for some who lost their near and dear, the spilling emotions are of endless magnitude which would only calm down as the time passes by. Your approach in invoking inspiration is quite intruding. However, let not make these mishap immunize our lives. This time when we stand, we better stand tall and immovable, guarded and unimmunized. Let us make world believe we cannot take anything or everything.

elizabeth said...

Thank you for those wonderful inspiring words. You inspire!