Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are you a God Follower?

Being a writer, I have developed a habit of observing situations– something that few people consider strange. I was at a conference yesterday where someone from the audience asked if I believe in God in a religious way. For two minutes I just couldn’t answer – I am not a religionist but I do believe that there is a Supreme Force called God. It’s just that I refuse to limit my vision of GOD.

So what followed was a detailed discussion which made me write this post today – “What is God?” and “Is it possible to Find Him?”.

Science says that everything that originates has an end. So that means whatever we see with our two eyes will become extinct after few years or decades. Since nothing including us is permanent in this universe, how can God be? So it makes sense to realise that God is not like how we perceive HIM (I am talking about Hinduism here). Science also says that the only thing that never dies out is energy. One of the properties of energy that I read in ninth standard stated that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So here is my answer – I believe in GOD as long as you consider him to a source of energy, a positive energy. And finding HIM, experiencing HIS powers and following the route showed by HIM is not difficult provided you have the will power.


Bawstongirl2010 said...

Great post!

I can relate on so many levels. I, too, often ask myself if I believe. Bit in the end, I know that it is I who drifted away from HIM and, it is HIM trying to regain my attention.

Nitima Sood said...

Good to know you liked it Bawstogirl. Hope to see you again