Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In the Search of Passion

Last night we went out for a dinner. It wasn’t on any occasion, but felt like eating Thai. 15 minutes into the restaurant the meal service began. It was simply an excellent meal I’ve had in years - fantastic salad, tasty dishes and brilliant soup. For my own personal development, I have recently started working on gratitude more than ever before. I do so by practising a vote of thanks at every single opportunity. The list includes being grateful towards a rag picker who takes out trash from our compartment, the fruit vendor across the street, the courier guy among others. There are so many people working in the background to make life better for us, the least we can do is to say ‘thanks’. So I took a piece of paper and write out a thank you note to the serving members and the chef. I wrote it sincerely without expectation of any type of a reward. While moving out of the place, I handed the paper to the waiter who collected our bill, saying

“This is what I can return you for your superb services”. He was a young guy of 20, simply smiled.

Then something incredible happened. One by one, each of the serving members appeared from kitchen and paid me a little visit. I could see that they were touched by a simple note, reminding them that their hard work mattered and it was due to their combined efforts the restaurant was flourishing.

So my dear friends, let’s not the passion go away from our lives. Keep it alive, it shows you the way to live!


alessandra said...

This was great!

Walter said...

Passion is a forgotten virtue in our time. People tend to be selfish and greedy, it's nice to know of people who practice this noble act. :-)

charlesdowney said...

Great post.....
With all the negative connotations attached to the word “stress”, it is certainly hard to see it in a positive light. However, not all stress is bad. Some amount of stress is necessary to lead a normal life and for some people, it is a reminder that makes them do their best.
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Nitima Sood said...

@Walter - Yes, passion is forgotten. People use it only to show their love for sports, outdorr activities or physical love. Passion in human relatioships is a an age old concept for many now.

@charlesdowney - Some stresses are definitely good. For example - stress of completing something within a deadline, as long as you don't forget other things or stretch yourself too much.