Monday, September 29, 2008

The Art of Living

Difference between ‘Life Style’ and ‘Art of Living’?

To define it in simplest way, I say - Lifestyle is ‘what we pursue in the modern world’ and Art of Living is ‘internal’. It shows what your actual character is, never affected by external materialism. Lifestyle is however an imaginative and modernized term. People want to follow others, they want cars, high paying jobs, wonderful relationships, recognition everywhere, but at the end of the day what counts is ‘value addition’. How much did you actually work for you own happiness and peace of mind?

Earning is a necessity but earning blindly and compromising on self esteem constitutes rat race. This world is so full of artificiality and the question we need to ask ourselves is that “Do I want to be part of this artificiality or do I have something unique in me?” this is just the beginning of introspection.

Never call yourself ordinary. It is like playing a victim. To say you can't Lead, Innovate and Inspire others, in the simplest way possible, is to avoid the power that resides within you. To make excuses for not being as passionate/loving/brilliant as you can be is to close your eyes to the call on your life.Triumph is in living, not copying, every moment.

So today, walk out into the world as the person who you truly are. That's what ‘Art of Living’ is about. That's what authentic success is about. In my mind, that's what being fully human is all about.

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Danisa said...

Hello NS i´argentina. Thanks for you comment in my blog. Sorry for my english

Raeborn said...

good advice =) i like the content displayed on this blog. looking forward to new posts. thanks!

gkvaener said...

NS, thanks for dropping by my blog.

If you glance through, you would see that i then to update my blog once a while cos i don't have time.

Reading your blog was refreshing...

karolwindia said...

Hi, thank You for Your comment on my blog!how do You know it?actualy, i don't write in english, becouse all readers are Poles:).

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