Friday, December 12, 2008

Do you have time to Think & Thank?

We all are blessed in unique way. Some of us have brilliant jobs, others have money, few are loved deeply by their parents/lovers/kids/friends, we all have homes to live in, decent community to interact with, nutritious food to eat ....... the list goes on. Each of our encounters with outside world teaches us and shapes our prospective. I had a chance of meeting a CEO of a successful company last week. When I asked him the secret of his success, he smiled and said “I take out time to think and thank.” Every morning he spends 1 hour in deep reflection. He sits with his eyes closed and meditates for the day to come, thinks on action plan and thanks God for every moment that passes.

Taking out quality time from your busy routine is an excellent strategy for a successful day. Many people spend the best hours of their days agonizing over arguments, differences and non productive thoughts. Even though they are working but they, either do not put their best effort or mentally are occupied with happening of the past/worries of the future. All the energy, potential and time goes wasted through this way.

Being thoughtful and strategic is the number one step towards the route to greatness. Clarity always precedes success. By doing reflective thinking your wisdom will result in crisp and effective actions. Do not miss the “think and thank time” of the morning. It will provoke some amazing ideas and inspire some big dreams and others will be there to witness your success.


MysticDiva said...

Love what you have written. Will begin to "think and thank". Great positive idea for a blog.

elizabeth said...

I love that idea of think and thank. You inspire Nitima, I enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are inspiring..Thanks