Monday, December 15, 2008

Managing Relationships

Any good psychologist will tell you that one of the deepest needs of human beings is the need to belong. We are happiest when we feel connected to others – by being a part of a community. Anywhere across the world, staying aloof is not a very admirable choice. All of us want family and friends on whom we can depend during life’s happiness and sorrows. If we are happy, we need someone to share our joy with, and if sad we need a shoulder to depend on. Even in corporate world, top performing businesses make it a priority to build successful relationships with their customers to promote communication and collaboration.

Here is a list of few simple ideas for maintaining superb relationships.

1. Be the most positive person you know.
2. Be candid and never lie.
3. Give more that what you can take.
4. Say Please, Kindly and Thank you as many times you can.
5. Leave people better than you found them.
6. Be a world-class listener
7. Become passionately interested in other people.
8. Learn to ‘let it go’ and discover the joy in forgiving others for their mistakes.
9. Preach less, observe more.
10. Smile, stay happy and keep a cheerful face.

And here is a bonus point for you – Treat everyone with respect – always. Respect is one of the main ingredient to healthy relationships and definitely a very powerful law that can change the way you live.


elizabeth said...

Thank you for those kind and caring words. Nitima, you have a heart of gold.

James Thomas said...

Very great advice.

I was reading about a study done on young married couples... looked very closely at their interaction in a single conversation, then monitored their marital success over the next 15-20 years.

Couples who had traces of disrespect in their interaction did not make it to the 15-year mark 90-some percent of the time.

Wow. Respect is important in any relationship... married or otherwise!

Thanks Nitma,

-James T.

Wubing said...

I love your blog too...