Monday, December 8, 2008

Let us learn to give

I just saw a beautiful program on Discovery. It was a documentary on a man from Congo who lost his wife, job, estate and home to the rebellions. He has three kids and nothing to feed them. What struck me hard was this man’s will to survive and to raise his children successfully. He doesn’t have a place to live but his eyes still sparkle of hope, of a better tomorrow. When the interviewer asked him how he plans to live now, he said that as long as he can walk on his own foot, he doesn’t fear future and will work hard to begin his life again from a new edge.
What an amazing fellow!

It’s being said that “Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to walk through it.” There are many among us who are ready to devote their energies to the positivity in life. We all have troubles in our own way but how are we helping those who live around us? What are we giving the world each day? How do we inspire others? Why can’t we be different from others who just know how to take, how to crib and how to gain self importance? Let’s be a ‘giver’, let’s all give peace, smile and good wishes to others (including Mother Nature) and let us all be incredible citizens. We have lot to be thankful about, start feeling grateful about gifts of life before it gets too late and you miss your chance to do so.


Anonymous said...

it takes a lot of courage to be courageous

elizabeth said...

well said Nitima!

Youth's Prospective said...

Hey!! I love the way you write. Keep going, you actually you inspire!!