Friday, December 19, 2008

Life & Inspiration

We all have dreams and try to raise our personal standards to achieve them. If we remain satisfied always, what will we aspire about? This world was built by people who felt some discontent with the way things were and knew they could do better. The greatest among us were not satisfied with the system. Think Newton, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Bill Gates, Einstein – they wanted to bring change and introduced a different type of development. Thomas Edison once said “Show me a completely contented person and I’ll show you a failure.”

Life inspired them in a different way and they chose to play a unique game than others. They used their creativity and talent to paint a new picture of this world. If THEY can do it, why can’t WE? Why should we remain behind? I think every human being has a ‘duty to shine’? So think what inspires you and what vision do you have for this world. If all like mined people start thinking the same way, what is there that cannot be achieved?

Here’s a small poem on inspiration written by one of my very good friends. (

What is inspiration and where does it come from?
Is it a word, a thought, or a story of valor?
Or is it my life, your life, or somebody's life that inspire?
Or it is something internal to us, is it that fire?
What makes me feel strengthened to see?
Even that moment or person is not related to me.
What makes me stand and take the call?
Even though I had a mighty fall.
Sometimes I feel the nature is saying,
Look the seas, the mountains, the rivers are playing.
I see the birds, the trees, and the rain
Teaching me and ease the pain.
I shut my eyes and look inside,
And let my thoughts decide,
That is there is still a lot to inspire me up,
And this is a lot to fire me up

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Faith Hoffen said...

Thank you for your always inspiring words.

So, you all haven't lost internet service? I heard some places did because of the broken cable.

Faith H.

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