Monday, December 22, 2008

Life motivation

None of us has a desire to be richest in the graveyard. To most of us, a well lived life is about being surrounded by people we like, staying healthy and having sufficient money to meet our expenses. Each one of us wants to have an influence on the world around us, but how many can successfully do that?
From where to get life motivation and how can you stay focused on that? Here are few pointers that can help you in staying inspired throughout the day:

1. Be committed:

We know life is short, and who knows when our last day comes. Keep this in mind and connect with your priorities. When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself “How would I show up today if this is the last day of my life?” This is not some cheesy motivational exercise but a profound way to bring some urgency and commitment into your days. Live like tomorrow will not come, so shine bright today and chase your dreams.

2. Be smart:

Don’t give life a chance to act on you. Don’t let your time go waste when you have the potential to do wonderful things in life. Identify your strengths, acknowledge efforts of others. You can be a barber, a cook, a homemaker, a management trainee or a retired person –remember – the power to live my life to the fullest lies with me and me only. Get up, think big, inspire others and be the ONE people look out as an example.

3. Take risks:

Have faith in your abilities. Talk to yourself about what you want to achieve in life, and if what you are doing currently is helping you in achieving that in any way. Most of us are followers; we like to follow footsteps of others and are afraid to take chances. Bear in mind that leader always walks alone. If you are dedicated to a cause, it may take time to get completed but it can never fail. Hard work always pays – this is what my granny used to tell me and this is what I believe in.

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Tinkerfaerie said...

Thank you for sharing :) This is inspiring.