Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vision for tomorrow

"Amidst great difficulty lies big opportunity”

Albert Einstein once said.
In this time of sluggish economy and low morals, we need to have a vision for tomorrow. There was a time, not so long ago when big corporations failed and people were stunned. No one had ever imagined that giants will fall down like this. However, this is an opportunity for us to show our braveness, boldness and use our decision making power in the right direction.

To have a vision for tomorrow, we will have to make our ‘today’ productive. It takes guts to oppose the tide of pessimism and stand tall to show ‘the right way’ to others. To be daring, you don’t have to be famous. To make humanity better, men and women will have to take steps and lead. We are the generation of leaders and visionaries, and we will make our world better. So, go out today and shine with all your might. Never forget for a moment that hard times are rich with gigantic opportunities. Be passionate and believe in your vision and success will follow, IT HAS TO FOLLOW.

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Anonymous said...

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