Tuesday, January 6, 2009

World Peace and Me......

Our history has been marked with numerous stories of rivalry among world leaders which lead to conflicts and wars. Chiefs of different nations have often forced bloodshed on innocent people without any valid reason. The elected politicians, and those who work behind the scenes, must acknowledge that unity of humanity is the most important need of today. What world would we show to our children if we continue to abolish our culture like this? Our planet has suffered too much in the form of terrorist victims, poverty, non curable diseases, aimless youth and racism etc. Ideology of few narrow-minded people has brought us at a point where every nation has become selfish.

It is not difficult to achieve world peace if we have a vision towards it. Think, what plan of action we should have to make world peace a reality? Gone is the time when it was impossible to introduce such an idea to governments and political leaders. With ever-advancing age of technology, we can communicate our thoughts to each other instantly. Campaigns through the Internet and media evoke huge response, and we all are aware of that. Many concepts have been accepted with new theories and practices. So much is the power of communication that if an individual from past sees the advancements today; he would probably get awestruck by it. Leaders of the nations should appreciate the increasing involvement of people in current affairs and concentrate on making policies that will spread the wings of peace to every country.

Around the globe there are thousands who seek one common thing: world peace and its practice- they differ a lot in their views but have a universal goal. Time has come when we all must get united and stand against the prejudice of politics, region and race. The youth must join hands together, if they want to change the way world is progressing. One such effort has been done by students of University of California, Santa Barbara, who have conceptualized an idea to promote peace and prosperity. They plan to do so through the involvement of community, especially the youth. The group is developing a site www.worldpeacecontest.com which intends to get people close to each other through interactive channels, such as games, contests and quizzes.

First of its kind, the site promotes vision of world peace through a puzzle which is open to all for playing. Any visitor of the site can register himself/herself on it and complete for the contest, winners of which would earn cash prize. The group plans to donate some percentage of the amount collected through advertisements to different charities.

On the site, you will find their motive which is “collectively we can prove that the power of love and faith exists, by finishing our planet’s long history of hatred and killing”. Isn’t this what our religions also teach us?


kumarmahi said...

yes!"we can prove that the power of love and faith exists, by finishing our planet’s long history of hatred and killing”. excellent, powerful and motivating phrase.

Bob said...

These ancient and more recent civilizations are converging into one universal federation of nations. They are clashing, because they are coming together.

The United Nations is the greatest civilization that has ever existed on earth.

Earth is one country and all mankind are its citizens.