Thursday, January 29, 2009

Celebrate Simplicity

On a cold winter evening, I just had a cup of plain, simple coffee and to me, it served its purpose. I am not a big fan of fancy things, yet I work to deliver the best. There is so much of joy in simple things of life that I can’t stop adoring that how beautiful our Mother Nature is.
You will laugh at me but yesterday I went into a field which was full of carrots – it was for the first time I saw how carrots are grown. The scene was perfect, at least for me – so I spent an hour there talking to people and discovered how much they adore their lives. Recession has no meaning for them and they are growing vegetables as they used to. They are simple human beings who enjoy doing their work!

In this age of cost-cutting & downsizing, more than ever it is suggested that it’s mission-critical to find joy in life's simplest pleasures. When the economy was on high, we used to take things taken for granted. Due to that mad race, the activities we've overlooked in our lives became dramatically bust. Those small recreation actions that used to our nourishment just vanished.

Here is what my point is: we live in a world that is valued on money - often above all else. However, I've met a lot of very rich people - who had a lot of wealth and not much else. You will meet a lot of people who say money is really important as it buys us freedom of choice, brands, home in a posh location and a nice home or a great vacation. However, how many of us actually think that is if the MOST important thing in life? Think for two minutes before you give any answer….

During this season, slow down a little - to cherish & celebrate life's simpler pleasures – a conversation with someone you love, a brilliantly cooked meal, read a book that used to fill your heart with delight but you haven't picked it up for years, like calling your parents more often and if you get time, visit a farm, do some gardening and plant more trees. Life is beautiful, if only we see it as that!


Vincenzo Cucinotta said...

Dear Nitima,
I fully agree with you. I would underline an aspect of the effect of money on our life. In my opinion, it is not only a questio of how money is important in our life, it is also a question of what money asks to our life. I know, people says that money gives ius freedom, and really in the trivial sense that I can get objects that I like. The point is that money gets by itself our freedom. It is like that, when we look at a room, we see a chair only, just forgetting what else is around. Money is really our despot, in the double meaning that we must dedicate our life to look for money, and that, getting objects, we need more and more them. This latter aspect is more interesting: the more we possess objects, the more we depend upon them.
It is like drug addiction, it becomes difficult to stop. Obviously, this cannot mean that we need nothing, but I would like to say that we must find an equilibrium point on how much money we need, without thinking that this point corresponds with the maximum.
I am Vincenzo Cucinotta, and my blog is called "The green ideology", unfortunately still now in italian only: early I hope to write something in english to let people understand my interests.

Nitima Sood said...

Hi Vincenzo,
Thanks for writing!
It is always nice to see that people think on the same lines while they are so far...
I checked your blog too, will wait eagerly to read its english version.

Anonymous said...

Wow It is great to see someone just writing to express their feelings. That is wonderful.

Kim Richard Smith said...

A truly successful life is one in which the difference between work and play cannot be distinguished. Money should always be the last thing we consider.

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Rinku said...

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Moumita Mukherjee said...

Nitima, your writing is really touching, it touched some very untouched, unexplored corner of my heart and helped me to just sit and think that how fortunate we are to have a healing- healthy nature by our side and thats a reason enough to cherish and celebrate our life
hi.. i am moumita, i got your blog- id from rinku's blog(who inspired me to start a blog of mine), my cousin email id is

Moumita Mukherjee said...

Nitima u wrote beatifully, many of us never thought like this, it touched very untouched, unexplored corner of my heart. I adore the way you put your thoughts into words.It's been a treat for the heart and the mind to read an article like urs which made a simpler equation of life. Really, thanks to GOD to gift us with a healing-healthy nature which is a reason in it-self to cherish and celebrate

Hi..I am moumita and got your blog detail from Rinku's(my cousin sister and the inspiration for me to start a blog of my own), my mail id is

Anonymous said...

Money is an important tool. It can be used for good or ill. We are responsible for all of our thoughts, words and deeds in relation to money.

Practice detachment from everything except God, independence from everyone except God.

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