Saturday, January 3, 2009

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the process of letting thoughts flow from inside to outside and not vice versa. Through meditation, you become introspective and initiate a habit of checking the way you think, speak and communicate. The process of meditation makes you compassionate and develops your character in many ways. Meditation is:

1. Dialogue with myself:
In today’s world, we all have busy lives and busier schedules. We have time to talk to everyone, responsibilities towards everybody but how much time do we spend with ourselves? Have you ever wondered where do all the negative feelings originate from? Why do you sometimes get a feeling that “something wrong is going to happen” or “I will not be able to complete this task”? If someone speaks to you bluntly, how long do you keep on thinking about the incident in your mind? Are you able to forget the wrongs done to you and forgive those who hurt you in past? Do you get jealous of other’s prosperity? Have you ever thought how much of your time is wasted in these wasteful thoughts?
What is missing from our lives is introspection. It is easy to point mistakes in others but equally tough to accept your mistake and ask for forgiveness. Why don’t you sit with yourself for 10 minutes, without any interruption and ask – “What am I doing?” This question initiates the most powerful relationship that is with yourself and you learn to respect yourself.

2. Starting with what is right:
Most people do not give due credit to their efforts and always see themselves as underachiever and on the other hand there are those who see themselves as superior to others and are usually overconfident. Meditation helps you to bring your feelings to a balance and stay in a positive frame of mind throughout the day.

3. Yoga
Through the means of meditational yoga, you become partner with nature. You start acknowledging the responsibilities of your actions and learn to be sincere in thoughts and work.


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