Friday, February 20, 2009

Knowing your worth

I read a quote on Amitabh Bachhan’s blog:

“You cannot insult me with inferiority unless I allow you to. Why must I feel inferior to anyone? Unless I succumb to the fact that I am inferior, you will not be able to insult me.”

Wonderful thought - makes you feel strong and evokes self esteem in a big way.

There is nothing wrong in taking pride in your work if you know that your skills can compete globally. Having respect for whatever we do for living is necessary as without it attitude cannot be developed. This quote provoked my innermost feelings and made me realise that we are indeed no less than any other unless we ourselves think that we are. It puts back your confidence on you by making you believe that we must work towards making ourselves so accomplished that no other can stand before us with superiority. If you are weak and less competent and admit that you are, then others will make you feel inferior, but if we are tough, capable and believe that we are, then we also believe that we are not inferior to anyone.

Giving our consent weakens us. So make yourselves resolute, determined and conscious of values that you follow in life. Start saying ‘I can’, instead of ‘I will try’. There should be absolutely no room for doubt and uncertainty.


naina said...

Hi Nitima,

I like to do something for increasing greenry around the place I live at. Being a person conducts workshops and training sessions on enviornmental issues, I came across your post of 'staying positive'. I am working on a presentation and was searching for few catchy lines and your post has made it so easy for me.

To further support the 'Go Green' movement, I recently brought a electric bike from R Martin Bikes, and love the way it runs. Since my workplace is slightly far from my home I used to travel by a car, but now the enviornmentalist in me takes pride in using a zero pollution vehicle.

Nice to see other people sharing views to promote this cause. I'll be back to read more. Till then,

HAppy blogging

Anonymous said...

Every human being is prescious. There is no such thing as an inferior or superior human being.

Having said that, it is our voluntary actions, the content of our character, our Karma, that determines the moral and spiritual progress and the worthiness of each individual.