Monday, February 9, 2009

What is your daily diet?

The title might provoke some to think about what they eat every day, perhaps.

My point here is ‘what diet do you give to your mind?’ When a player when goes in the field, he goes there to win, takes food that gives energy, gives his/her mind a mental boost to stay strong, and develops an attitude of a winner. ‘Champions are made in preparations’ - how true!

We know the power of thoughts and yet most of us wake up in the morning and start our days feeding our minds negative/troubling information. We go through newspapers to find out what is wrong in the world rather than exposing ourselves to all that's good. Do you think it is any different than any Olympian who drinks liquor and eats potato chips before going for a big race? How would be the performance? – Catastrophic, isn’t it?

More than ever, it is the need of economy to have people who can control their minds and think big, think positive and spread the vibrations of optimism around. There are four types of thoughts: Necessary, Negative, Wasteful and Positive. Negative and wasteful thoughts are those on which we waste our mind’s energy without gaining anything fruitful. These are majorly related to past experiences or future expectations. People who think more on these lines are pessimistic in nature and they always see problems that have no solutions.

On other side, there are people who are always energetic and cheerful. Their life’s philosophy can be defined in just three words: ‘come what may......’ . They are the ones who have wisdom to overlook crisis to see solutions.

So start your day like someone devoted to winning would. Give your mind and body an extraordinarily healthy diet. Surround yourself with only the finest and the best thoughts and then prepare to master every situation. That's my wish for you on this glorious day.


Anonymous said...

The human race is coming together. The whole world economy is booming. The United Nations is the greatest civilization that has ever existed on earth.

Whole grain, vegetables, fruit and nuts are the ingredients of the most healthy human diet.

We can now build houses that generate more energy than they use. Some of the electricity can be used to recharge our electric drive, zero emission automobiles. The rest can be sold to the utilities.

Help create a safe, clean and decent society, be kind, friendly and radiant. :o)


Shiny said...

Hey, I like this post. good.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

This is a still waters run deep post. EXCELLENT> Thank you for dropping by and for showing me the way to your blog!