Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lessons of the weekend

As a child each one of us had curiosity to know more about the world. We were born as a genius but lost that gift as we adopted the lifestyle of limited beliefs. The experimentation that we should have done with life fades away to gave way to responsibilities.

I had a chance to meet the marketing head of a multinational life insurance company at dinner yesterday. He spoke of his dreams and how he is planning to go take a long break from his career and go in interiors to pursue his lifelong ambition of farming. He admitted having no knowledge about farming yet but practical experiences teach you more that what you intend to learn. I adore people like these: People who have guts to take risks to follow their dreams.

So, the thought for this weekend is:

Invest some time in learn something new each day. As you grow, you begin to see possibilities you didn't have the eyes to see before. Watch an inspiring movie, read a good book, listen to an audio program, visit a good blog, go to a powerful workshop or have a conversation with an elder. A single idea is all it takes to transform your life.

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lani said...

Thank you for sharing I take risks every day not ones to harm but ones to grow my life to a better place...glad I found your blog...Lani