Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Living through Adversities

Very often we come across people who are so used to take shortcuts in life that they get frustrated if there is any delay in any of their works. Traffic jams, office deadlines, fights with friends/family, financial crunch, loosing job, broken vehicles, and arguments – just few examples I can think right now that people call as their rough time.

Problems are a nothing but few days of tough time and while time passes, they also do. Theoretically I know many people who have heard it, know it and advice it. However when it comes to checking yourself, how many of you would give yourself 100% marks in your crisis management techniques. Not 80, not 90 but 100 %.

Check yourself if you get discouraged/upset when you face any such situation that you had not anticipated. If you can’t find the answer, ask your friend/family to remind you instances where you lost your cool. But remember – take their answer as a constructive feedback, do not argue back to justify your actions, instead admit your mistake and take responsibility.

So start your day on a positive note. Think of adversities as nothing but a tide of strong winds. It will tear away everything from you except the qualities that cannot be torn, so that you can see yourselves as you really are.


Andrew Scott Turner said...

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siddharth said...

adversity is the mother of personality... it always teaches us... good one... visit mine u will like it...