Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Learning about Meditation

What is meditation?
Contrary to a popular belief that it’s a very exclusive and difficult process, meditation is quite simple. During meditation, all we do is ‘controlling our negative thoughts’.

Why to do it?:
Meditation is a constructive way of discovering the beauty and strength of our inner world. With every passing day, need to develop the power of mind is being felt by the all of us, as we try to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of life and its complexities.

How to do it?
Every morning when we get up, we work according to a set routine. We race from one work to another, trying to complete daily routines on time – but what we cannot control is - the day - and how it unfolds. So why not put our maximum effort in starting it with the most cherished and motivational thoughts. That ways, we will feel a warm flow of positive energy, within us, throughout the day. Now, if we apply this simple ‘thinking process’ to what we're all about, as we achieve great things in life at personal and professional level.

Here's my spin: Start your day with Strong Thoughts .... they will set things right for you for the rest of the day. Take out a twenty minute space where you regenerate and renew so that the way you show up through the rest of the day is first-class.


Femin Susan said...

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goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Peakah said...

I'm loving your attitude... keep it going!!!

christian said...

Wow, yeah thats what I need down here in Colombia... ;)

cikgu zainab said...

Very informative blog.So this is an extra knowledge for me to gain..tq.