Thursday, September 18, 2008

The spooky world of ‘Mood Swings’

Hardship comes in different size and shapes - and it comes often. No matter how much we try to stay happy, sometimes we do get mood swings, which can be the form of depression, anxiety, sudden, violent or wild rage - depending upon its intensity. For most of us, it means getting into ‘mood off’ mode. Our emotions act like virus sometimes – they travel from one person to another, be it cheerfulness or sadness. Seldom we realise the ‘power of emotions’ that we carry and unknowingly pass on our mood to others.

Here’s a list of questions that I would like to call mood quiz. Answer this to find out - - how steady is your frame of mind:

If your boss or senior colleague does not talk to you nicely, do you think about it whole day?

Do you pass over your unpleasantness to others?

When the going gets rough, do you find it difficult to deal with feelings of desperation?

When you are upset and in very sad mood do you have a remedy to cheer yourself immediately?

Do you imagine that others are happier than you?

I am sure thoughts like these do come in your mind, may be rarely. So what can we do to avoid them? A simplest answer to all these is Trust your fate’, have faith in righteousness of the ‘system of universe' that says - if you deserve something, you'll get it - sooner or later. GOD is not known to be unfair, so He will not be – EVER.

So put confidence back to the basic principles of human race and think of tough time as a phase that has to pass and be a part of past.

To start with such thinking, here are few simple things that will act as a quick remedy. Practice these acts whenever you get a negative mood swing and they will help you to deviate your mind to a happy and contended state of mind. (I have compiled this list after a lot of online and offline research and I know one thing or another is bound to click for you):

  • Learn to meditate. It will help you in focusing your mind towards positive elements.
  • Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Rub your hands on your face. Think different.
  • Check your pulse. If your heart is still beating it means you are going to have many more great times!!
  • Think of that last holiday you took and recall how relaxed you were... take in that moment and relive that moment.
  • Take a coffee break and play a good video game on cell.
  • Listen to some groovy music
  • Talk to someone you are close to. May be about why you are upset/sad or anything else. The idea is to move away from the feeling of self pity.
  • Have a folder with mails pertaining to your achievements & appreciation by different people. So when you open and browse through it, it will remind you that you are capable of much higher things. Let not this one thing upset you unnecessarily.
  • Try to recollect the child hood situations which can make you to laugh and feel enthusiastic to go ahead
  • Addition done by Michelle - start a gratitude journal. Every day you write down what you were thankful for that day. Could be simple - it was sunny, you had a tasty lunch, someone complimented you etc.

And in the end, just remember --- life a collective segment of ups and downs and there's plenty to do during gloomy days too....!!


Michelle said...

I have an addition... start a gratitude journal. Every day you write down what you were thankful for that day. Could be simple - it was sunny, you had a tasy lunch. It could be more complex - someone complimented you etc.


RUTH said...

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goooooood girl said...

Very good......

Derik said...

And it was going so well until you brought in the god issue. Mythology and superstition can't bring about a good mood, but some of the other ideas you bring up would compliment one.

. said...

Thanks for visiting, reading and posting in my blog. You have a very interesting one too. Kisses!

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sophie philo said...

thank you for your visit, your blog is very interesting.

Kerry Bryne said...

Great thoughts. Over the last couple of years I've gone back to doing yoga on a daily basis. I've found that it really helps create a more balanced perspective towards life. I also agree with your comment that"if you can still feel your pulse...."

Sam said...

Nice post.

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fayz said...

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