Tuesday, September 16, 2008


“Stress never comes alone, isn’t it?” With stress there are symptoms of nervousness, anxiety, blood pressure and in some cases panic, fear and depression. Nowadays even kids are using terms like ‘stress depression’. So much is the visibility of symptoms that corporate managements have identified it as a major factor effecting the productivity and morals of employees.

To help such a situation, role of spirituality in management is increasing day by day.
Spirituality, whether of the God or the self kind, is about growth, doing better and acts as stress reliever. When all the outward stress busters fail to help in busting stress in its entirety, try turning your search towards meditation. This way a person realizes his true 'self' and become conscious about his inner potential that can guide him through an effective stress management process.

Through spirituality, understanding of permanent and transient things in life starts to set is. You start analyzing the significance of all things in relation to its permanency. You also start accepting the insignificance of stress and stop worrying. When you pursue spirituality, you tend to drive all empty thoughts of distraction and cultivate a positive attitude.
The best part of spirituality is that you can practice it when you are in office, when you are in home, when you are driving and in any place and time. The passive attitude that you develop during spirituality in fact helps you to channelize all your relaxation responses, and you will have a positive outlook, cheerful and spontaneous in all your actions.

So what are you waiting for?

Start practicing spirituality through meditation, breathing exercise and yoga. Trust me, if you do this regularly, you will be better equipped, both at physical level and mental level, to manage stress. You can even attend some stress management courses or seminars if you like.

Through spirituality, you come to know more about you and try to grow as a person. You also become more adept and skillful in facing various demanding situations of your life with ease.


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Really makes you think about life

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Really a good one for all Humans...