Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spirit & Spirituality in Life

Ours life is a world of thousand colours and beliefs. Our streaming faith in God and ourselves takes us through time’s ups and downs. Spirit of life is one constant among so many diversities and acts like a pilot to navigate through different situations. For some, spirituality implies religion. But there’s a major difference in between the two: Religion is an organized community of believers that has written codes of regulatory behaviour whereas spirituality is more about one's own inner personal belief and experience of a higher power or greater purpose.
If you call yourself religious, answer these questions honestly:

Can you control your anger at will?

Are you able to compose yourself gracefully under any situation?

Is stress making you impatient?

Do you worry about yesterday or tomorrow?

Is your attitude cheerful?

Do you compare your life with others often?

Now truthfully rate yourself as where do stand in salvation from these practices? These are the basic human values and we don’t even realise that we have failed in them.

Now we need to know that what should we do to fight these situations in life. Are we fighting them out or letting them take us along with it?
There are tools: courage and determination – courage to take up or face every adversity and determination of positive attitude. These tools are embodied in our character, we just need to identify and use them. Some people let circumstances govern them, some govern circumstances. Bravery is the source of our hope, our inner power that guides us through our phases of difficulty. It’s a characteristic of our soul, and spirituality in true sense is getting connected with our soul. It begins at a stage where a person gives up selfishness and starts to think about others first. This can be called ‘making the first touch with our core values’.
Our spirit is nothing but the consciousness of telling the difference between right & wrong, good or bad and our determination, like an anchor that keeps us stationary even in the toughest of situations. It keeps us reminding that “this too shall pass, don’t give up.”

Spirit is like power, when we see somebody in pain, we try to help. Our efforts move in the direction of comforting that person. To a person in need, our strength of mind can do wonders. It’s a very simple gesture, but a strong one and sometimes it is more than enough. Good times pass quickly, unpleasant moments stay long. We can sail through any difficult situation, if only we see that circumstance to be our assessment. And what’s best than ‘spirituality’ to manoeuvre us on that. Let’s try to feel the presence of God through self realisation and meditation.

It’s not a blind faith, its logic. Science uses logic, it gives answers, so let’s put logic in the question-

“What is spirituality?’’
Let’s not shy away from the fact that we do need to hold on to something in our busy and lonely lives. Let’s put our trust in God and think – God is there for us, to help and comfort us, the need is only to feel him. The feeling of being watched over by our well wisher can really help sometimes to lift our mood.
By means of meditation, we can start experiencing the essence of God’s powers. This process is lengthy, but surely a fruitful one. It gives us an infectious warmness and once you understand it, you want to spread the joy around. It can’t get cold; it just flows from one person to another naturally.


goooooood girl said...

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v klöch said...

Helpful food for thought. In today's crazy world...let's all take a deep breath.

Kerry Bryne said...

Interesting and thought-provoking;I'll be back. Thanks for visiting my travel photo blog at Jade Gryphon's Tavern as well.


Rohit said...

Great content, keep up the good work.
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Hajar said...

Interesting post. It'll take some time for me to digest it all so I'll be back. :)

Temperamental said...
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Temperamental said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Yours is nice as well. This post is very interesting, however,
I still believe that religion is the basis of life, although meditation would no doubt be useful to help control yourself. I haven't really gotten into meditation, but through religion:
Can you control your anger at will?
Most of the time, yes.
Are you able to compose yourself gracefully under any situation?
Almost always.
Is stress making you impatient?
Do you worry about yesterday or tomorrow?
No, I only think of the present.
Is your attitude cheerful?
Do you compare your life with others often?

Temperamental said...

ahh, don't judge me by this blog. Ti's where I release my careless and mercurial side.

Religion makes us distinguish between wrong and right. It helps humans understand God and themselves. Religion is guidance for humans on earth. Prayer and meditation are two aspects of the same thing, namely something that facilitates a connection with and relationship to God. I've never practiced meditation before, yet because of my religion (Islam) I have excellent control over myself.

Temperamental said...

Forgive me, Nitima, but I haven't got the time to debate with someone so ah, limited.

Elaine Thomas said...

Thanks for visiting my page. I like your message on spirituality in life. Thanks for sharing.